Data Research and Integrity Analysis

Do you have systems and data that need attention?

Why Choose ChkSet

Over the last 25 years we have gained experience covering several platforms, data sets, structures and scores of systems.

Expert Services

Systems analysis and implementation, specialising in Ecommerce, CRM, business dynamics and flow.


Professional grade systems implementation with web based connectivity.


Multiple platform and systems experience delivering Ecommerce, CRM and Business Systems.


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We request that in emergency situations SMS messages are sent directly to our support team to notify 24/7.


We offer unique points of view on your data sets, with regular reports, charts, graphs and presentations on your data available.

Data Systems Services

Data systems planning, analysis, discovery, optimisation and standardisation. Data manipulation, cleansing, storage and security.

Ecommerce Data

Do you have an ecommerce website that needs standardisation, optimisation and custom fieldset discovery?

Customer Data Sets

Is your customer data organised and up to date? Perhaps you need help on implementing with a CRM system?

Systems analysis

We will help identify your goals and discuss your procedure. We then implement systems that focus on efficiency.

Standards and frameworks

We have many years of experience with data standards, systems and frameworks. We use this to help your business.

Systems Development

Business systems analysis and development of CRM, Ecommerce, Telephony, Support and Project Management systems.

Business Solutions

We offer business solutions that support and drive your business applications to serve your efforts for customers and clients.

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

Working with products, descriptions, custom fields and search engine related fields to maximise your products understanding, conversions and exposure.

Customer data can be difficult to populate into a CRM system. Should your data be in multiple places, we are able to consolidate and clean up your data to your CRM.

Looking for the right data for your calls? We work with excellent telephony providers and voip systems that offer comprehensive features and analysis.

We've been working with data for over 25 years. We know how to manage fields and data sets. We help businesses gather, convert and clean their data.

Systems analysis and implementation for small, medium and large businesses. Networking, voip, crm, support and ecommerce systems.

Data analysis for systems implementation to key performance indicator implementations, tracking and review.

Systems and Data Lifecycle

We work with your business to achieve better implementation and maintenance

Analysis & Planning

The biggest part of our business is understanding your business. We find out why, what and how you implement your business processes. Analysis takes up a huge portion of our business so we need to know your business inside out.

Design & Development

After the systems analysis discovery stages come design and development. We know small business systems in addition to large business objectives including scalability of systems. Whatever we discover, we are confident we can implement a fitting solution.

Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting

Following implementation of the various application systems you may employ including Telephony, CRM, Support, Ecommerce and Project Management we offer unique points of view on your new data sets, with regular reports, charts, graphs and presentations on your data available.

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